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Lightning Roulette on Betway amplifies the classic roulette casino experience with its dynamic gameplay and thrilling potential rewards. This live dealer game follows the traditional European roulette format but introduces exciting twists with random “Lucky Numbers” struck by lightning bolts, each assigned multipliers of up to 500X. Learn how to get started on Betway, understand the rules, and master the gameplay for a chance to win big. 

What is Lightning Roulette?

It is a live dealer online casino game played using the same 37-numbered wheel as European roulette (numbers 1-36 plus one 0). Before each round, 1-5 random “lucky numbers” are struck by virtual lightning bolts and assigned random multipliers up to 500X.

The action is presented in real-time HD video streams from multiple camera angles, so players can follow the action as the human dealer spins the wheel. If the ball lands on one of your lucky numbers, you trigger the corresponding mega-boosted payout on that bet.

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Getting Started on Betway

Alright, you’re all charged up and ready to dive into the action of Lightning Roulette. First things first, you need to gain access to the game within the massive entertainment arena that is the Betway platform. Just follow these simple steps:

lightning roulette page on betway website

Step 1: Register and Verify Your Betway Account

Creating your account only takes a few minutes. Just head to Betway, hit the green “Join Now” button in the top right, and fill in the required personal details. Remember to verify your account via email before depositing, this ensures quick payouts later.

Step 2: Explore the Casino Section

Once your account is locked and loaded, navigate your dashboard to the “Casino” tab. This is your gateway to Betway’s massive library of online slots, progressive jackpots, and live casino games – including Lightning Roulette, of course! Familiarize yourself so you can jump right in.

Step 3: Take Your Seat

From the Casino lobby, click “Live Casino” in the top menu bar and scan for this game. You’ll see a preview of the sleek studio with the electrified table right up front! Just click to seat yourself in the next available game round. Choose your lucky number and place those wagers.

Understanding the Basics 

This game turbocharges the traditional roulette format we all know and love. So if you’ve placed chips on a table before, most gameplay basics remain unchanged. It uses the same:

  • 37-number European wheel
  • Inside and Outside betting areas
  • Options to bet combinations of numbers

The game-changing electrification comes from the addition of Lightning Strikes before each spin:

  • Between 1-5 lucky numbers are randomly drawn
  • Lightning multipliers of 50x to 500x are randomly assigned
  • If the ball lands on a dropped number, you get a mega payout!

So while chance still dictates the outcome, those lightning bolts introduce the possibility to wield divine-like fortunes from the roulette gods. Let’s break down the types of bets and potential rewards:

Inside Bets (Specific Numbers)

Bet TypeNumbersPayout
Straight UpBetting on a specific number35:1
SplitBetting on 2 numbers17:1
StreetBetting on 3 numbers11:1
CornerBetting on 4 numbers8:1

Outside Bets (Groups of Numbers)

Bet TypePayout
Even/Odd or Red/Black1:1
Dozens or Columns2:1
High/Low (1-18/19-36)1:1

Playing Lightning Roulette on Betway

Alright, let’s get you actually winning big bucks (or at least trying to!) in Lightning Roulette. Playing the electrified variant at Betway takes just minutes to master:

Step 1: Purchase Chips & Place Your Bets

Click chip values from the sidebar to acquire them onto the felt. Then you can drag & drop them onto inside and / or outside bet areas before the timer expires.

Step 2: Let It Ride During the Lightning Round

This is where the magic happens! When the roulette wheel comes around, 1 to 5 lucky numbers will randomly fall out with lightning multipliers from 50x to 500x.

what lightning roulette looks like

Step 3: Celebrate Those Wins

If Lady Luck showers her fortune upon you, celebrate those payouts. Or try to recover with more strategic wagers if she scorned you. Either way, the visual atmosphere and live action makes every round a thrill.

Top Tips for Playing on Betway

If you’re new to this game and want to play like a pro, here are some essential tips to get you started:

  • Start with small stakes: As a beginner, it’s wise to keep your bets low until you’re comfortable with the gameplay. This allows you to extend your playtime and manage your bankroll effectively. 
  • Understand the different bet types: Familiarize yourself with inside and outside bets, and their respective payouts. Inside bets like single number wagers offer higher potential rewards (up to 35x your stake on non-multiplied hits) but lower chances of winning, while outside bets like red or black provide more frequent wins but smaller payouts.
  • Set a budget: Before diving in to play roulette, decide on a gambling budget you’re comfortable with. Never chase losses or bet more than you can afford to lose.
  • Take advantage of bonuses: Keep an eye out for any promotions or bonuses offered by Betway. These can give your bankroll a boost and extend your playtime, increasing your chance of hitting those lucky multipliers.
  • Control your budget: Divide your total budget into smaller session stakes. This ensures you don’t deplete your entire bankroll in one sitting and allows you to play for longer.

Pros and Cons of Lightning Roulette

While lightning strikes can lead to fortune-altering wins, no game is perfect. Before voltage surges through your veins, compare the shocking pros and cons of playing this electrifying roulette variant on Betway’s world-class platform:


  • Straight bets can pay out up to 500X if your lucky number comes up!
  • Lightning rounds and multipliers create an energetic, entertaining experience.
  • Gameplay sticks to European Roulette basics. Betway provides smooth live-streaming.
  • As a new format, Betway may offer Lightning Roulette leaderboards or cash drops.


  • Lightning strikes are still random – prepare for dry spells.
  • Optimizing play needs a sizable stack to weather volatility.


What makes Lightning Roulette different from regular roulette?

It builds on standard European roulette rules by adding an electrifying lightning round before each spin. Lucky struck numbers with random multipliers create the potential for exponentially bigger wins – up to 500X your wager amount.

What are the keys to Lightning Roulette success?

Firstly, understand that house edge means the casino will always win eventually. That said, you can give yourself the best shot by using smart bankroll management, combining bets wisely, and knowing when to quit. Most importantly, only play roulette for fun and never chase losses!

How do I place a bet?

Placing bets is easy: just click a chip size and then click the numbers on the board or betting area you want to wager on. You can place multiple bets by clicking different spots before the betting window closes. Remember, you can bet on up to 36 (or 37 including 00) different numbers per round!

Is there a strategy for this game?

While volatility is higher, traditional roulette strategies can still improve your chances. Focus on making inside straight bets on multiple numbers to optimize catching a high multiplier – though outcomes still involve substantial luck.

Is it available on mobile?

Absolutely! Betway provides intuitive web-based and downloadable apps for iOS and Android devices. You can play Lightning Roulette on the go against the same live tables as the desktop version.

Who made Lightning Roulette?

It was created and launched by Evolution Gaming in 2018, one of the leading live casino game developers. Its creative format has made it one of their most popular releases.

Kim Taylor Bennett

Kim Taylor Bennett is a journalist and host of a popular gambling podcast and author of a YouTube vlog about casino games. Over the past 5 years, she has been actively studying online casinos, especially fascinated with Lightning Roulette. Once Taylor managed to hit a $34,000 jackpot in this game! This win inspired the journalist to create her own website about Lightning Roulette where she shares her experience and gives expert advice.