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Welcome to our site dedicated to Lightning Roulette, an innovative game developed by Evolution Gaming that brings a change to the usual roulette gameplay. On this site, we’ll dive deep into the world of Lightning Roulette, providing you with a detailed overview of the game’s unique features and gameplay mechanics.

We’ll walk you through the rules, explaining how the game differs from traditional roulette and what makes it so exciting. Additionally, we’ll highlight the best online casinos where you can enjoy the game, ensuring that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Best Lightning Roulette Casinos

These casino sites offer an impressive selection of games and a secure, immersive gaming environment while maintaining high-standards considering customer service, reliability, and support.

+500% Deposit Bonus + 70 Free Spins
+120% Deposit Bonus + 250 Free Spins
+180% Deposit Bonus + 50 Free Spins


1Win is a fast-growing licensed platform that offers Lightning Roulette in stock. With its generous welcome bonus of up to 500% on the first deposit and 70 free spins, players can enjoy this thrilling game with extra funds. 1Win’s user-friendly platform and 24/7 customer support ensure a seamless play and user experience.

Pin Up

Pin Up Casino, licensed by Curaçao, provides an exciting opportunity to play Lightning Roulette. The casino offers a 120% welcome bonus and 250 free spins, giving players a boost to their bankroll. With a wide selection of games from top providers and various payment options, including cryptocurrencies, Pin Up is a great choice for live games’ enthusiasts.


BC.Game, a more crypto-focused casino, features Lightning Roulette among its extensive game selection. New players can claim a welcome package of up to 180% on their first deposit and 50 free spins. The platform’s gaming selection and instant crypto transactions make it an attractive option for playing Lightning Roulette in a secure and transparent environment.

TL;DR for Sites

1WinDiverse game selection, live dealer tables, cryptocurrency support, loyalty scheme, platform availability.Design is a bit overwhelming
Pin UpVast game selection, customer support, reputable, flexible betting limits, mobile accessibility.Welcome bonus wager is around 40x
BC.GameLive dealer lobby, VIP tables, diverse game selection, trustworthy.Withdrawal processing time for bank transfers can take some time.
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Lightning Roulette Rules

Although the basic rules of the game are similar to traditional European roulette, it differs from other types of roulette by having an exciting twist. If you’re keen to learn more, figuring out how to play Lightning Roulette might be your next step. Here are the key rules you need to know before engaging in this thrilling game:

  • Before each spin, between one and five lucky numbers are randomly selected.
  • If the ball lands on any of the lucky numbers, players receive significantly enhanced payout odds ranging from 50:1 to 500:1 on Straight-Up bets.
  • To win the lightning-strike multipliers, you must place a straight up number bet.
  • Other bet types, such as split or street bets, do not qualify for the multiplier payouts.
  • Numbers that are not selected as lucky numbers before the spin still offer a payout (odds) of 29 to 1.
  • The Return to Player (RTP) in the game for straight-up bets is 95.13%, providing favourable odds for players compared to other variations of roulette.

The Unpredictable Element

one of the most captivating features of Lightning Roulette is its volatile nature

One of the most attractive features of the game is its volatile nature. It has a unique twist that you won’t find in traditional roulette – lucky numbers. Before each spin, the game selects one to five lucky numbers, which are then multiplied by multipliers ranging from 50x to 500x. If you place a bet on any of these numbers and win, a large payout awaits you.

Lightning Roulette Game Review

Payouts and Wagers

Lightning Roulette takes the familiar gameplay of the European version and adds a thrilling twist. The payouts and wagers follow traditional rules of roulette, but the Straight-up bet payout is tweaked from 36:1 to 29:1.

Why the change? It’s all about balance. By adjusting this payout, Lightning Roulette maintains the equilibrium of the game while introducing dynamic features that can amplify winnings up to 500 times your bet.

Inside Bets

Bet TypePayout
Straight-Up29 – 499:1

Outside Bets

Bet TypePayout


The odds of winning vary, especially with the introduction of the Lightning Numbers. Here’s a breakdown:

  • RTP for straight-up bets: 95.13%
  • Odds of hitting a Lightning Number: Roughly 1 in 1369 spins

Understanding these odds helps in crafting a strategy tailored to the game’s unique mechanics.

Top Lightning Roulette Strategies and Tips

Advices from Pro

Thinking about a strategic approach? Betting on all numbers has become a popular tactic among players. While this may not assure a profit every time, it does provide an interesting way to chase those electrifying multipliers.

Create Multiple Winning Opportunities

By wagering on every single number for a set unit, you’re casting a wide net, opening numerous doors to winning. Here’s what might happen:

Bet TypePayoutProfit/Loss
Non-multiplier Number29 to 1-6 units
Multiplier Number 50x50 to 113 units
Multiplier Number 100x100 to 163 units
Multiplier Number 200x200 to 1163 units
Multiplier Number 300x300 to 1263 units
Multiplier Number 400x400 to 1363 units
Multiplier Number 500x500 to 1463 units

What Makes This Strategy Intriguing

The allure of this strategy lies in the uncertainty. You cannot exactly predict when those multiplier awards will appear. Yet, with long-term Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97.30%, it becomes a thrilling chase for those high-value multipliers.

Common Game Misconceptions

“If I bet on every number, the multipliers ensure I’ll profit each spin.” – Might say a novice player. At first glance, covering the entire roulette board seems like a sure-fire winning plan. But there’s a crucial catch – you only receive the multipliers if the ball actually lands on one of your numbers.

For example, say you bet $1 each on “30”, “31”, and “32” which have 100x multipliers. However, the ball drops on “8” instead. You walk away with just a $29 profit from the “8” hit, while losing $2 overall from the other losing $1 bets.

Bottom line – multipliers don’t guarantee overall profit if the spins don’t go your way. Don’t let the lure of high payouts cloud sound judgement.

how lightning roulette works

Additional Advice for Gameplay

1. Adapt Your Strategy to Your Comfort Level:

  • Consider proven strategies like Martingale, Fibonacci, Oscar’s Grind
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ideas like hedging bets.
  • Keep your bet size within 2-3% of your total bankroll for standard strategies, or up to 10% for less volatile methods, such as wagering on all numbers.

2. Know Your Bankroll Allocation:

  • With a $100 bankroll, consider $0.20 per number or $7.40 per spin.
  • For $500, think $1 per number or $37 per spin.
  • With $10,000, $20 per number or $740 per spin is feasible.
  • Note that a minimum payout of 29 to 1 guarantees a return of 0.81% of your stake, lowering your actual risk. For example, a $37 bet from a $500 bankroll means a real risk of $7, but a potential win of $500!

3. Avoid Bias & Maintain Composure:

  • Roulette follows the same probability rules as regular roulette; each number has an equal 1 in 37 chances of appearing.
  • Set your risk levels and maybe even a stop-win limit to stop playing once you hit a specific win.
  • Have a clear plan and stick to it, but remember to enjoy playing.

Our experience

When we first tried our hand, we were initially sceptical of the flashy aesthetics, but after all it was a surprise to find it a truly captivating take on the classic casino game. The “lightning” multipliers which randomly strike certain numbers add an intriguing new variable to strategize around. Rather than relying solely on luck, players can adapt their wagers based on which numbers are struck most frequently.

Of course, chasing the tempting 120x jackpot by betting heavily on a single number remains quite risky. We employed a more measured approach – steadily spreading chips across the frequent “hot spots” while resisting the urge to overextend on a long shot. With a bit of patience and discipline, We found ourselves enjoying some nice payouts from the 25x and 15x multipliers. Though not a life-changing haul, cashing out decent wins ahead gave us a gratifying sense of accomplishment.

The Final Verdict

Evolution’s Lightning Roulette is a groundbreaking twist on the classic roulette game. It offers an exciting blend of traditional European roulette table gameplay and new features like Lucky Numbers and multipliers up to 500x. Whether you’re a roulette aficionado or just eager to try something different, this game provides an electrifying and rewarding experience. To elevate your gameplay further, you can download the Lightning Roulette app to enjoy your favourite casino game on the go. Be sure to apply your favourite strategies and remember to play responsibly.


How does Lightning Roulette differ from classic live roulette?

While the base gameplay is similar, Lightning Roulette introduces Lucky Numbers. The straight-up bet payout is reduced to 29:1 to balance the chance to win an electrifying 50x and 500x payout.

What are the Lucky Numbers?

Before each lightning roulette spin of the wheel, 1–5 numbers are randomly selected as Lucky Numbers. If you bet on one of these numbers on the roulette table and the roulette ball lands on it, your payout is multiplied significantly.

Can I use roulette strategies like the Martingale system?

Yes, popular roulette betting strategies can still be employed. But the unpredictable Lucky Numbers adds a new variable that experienced players can incorporate into their gameplay to get potentially huge wins per number.

What is XXXtreme Lightning Roulette?

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette is an amped up variant of Lightning Roulette developed by Evolution Gaming, with even higher multipliers of up to 2000x your bet for a single number bet. It adds an extra level of thrill and the chance of winning huge cashouts.

Can I play live dealer Lightning Roulette?

Yes, popular online casinos offer Lightning Roulette with a live dealer and roulette wheel that you can interact with in real-time for an authentic roulette experience. This takes the game to another level compared to RNG versions.

Why should I play Lightning Roulette?

If you want to move beyond regular roulette variants, Lightning Roulette adds unprecedented dynamics with randomly struck Lucky Numbers. This uncompromising game from Evolution brings the chance to win big, up to 500 times your wager in a single spin of the wheel.

Where can I find reviews about the game?

You can find them on our player reviews page, where players leave their feedback about the game and gaming process.

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Kim Taylor Bennett is a journalist and host of a popular gambling podcast and author of a YouTube vlog about casino games. Over the past 5 years, she has been actively studying online casinos, especially fascinated with Lightning Roulette. Once Taylor managed to hit a $34,000 jackpot in this game! This win inspired the journalist to create her own website about Lightning Roulette where she shares her experience and gives expert advice.